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Christopher J. Gorder
Anne J. Gaarder
Amund J. Gorder
Lars Johanson Gorder
Olaves J. Gaarder

The Root of the Gorder Family History

The farthest I've been able to trace the family tree into history is to my great-great-great-great grandfather, Amund Klovstabakken Gaarder of Norway, born in the 1700s, but exact date and place of birth unknown.  Amund Gaarder had at least one son, Johan Amundson Gaarder, born May 10, 1808 in Nannestad Norway.  Johan married Kari Larsdattir Vaverstuen (born in 1802 in Norway), and they had five children.  Our journey through the Gorder family tree begins with those five siblings:

Christopher J. GORDER b: 11 NOV 1828 in Nannestad, Norway
Anne J. GAARDER b: 28 DEC 1830 in Ulvsaker, Norway
Amund J. GORDER b: 1 JUN 1832 in Ulvsaker, Norway
Lars J. GORDER b: 14 March 1837 in Eidsvoll, Norway
Olaves Johnson GAARDER b: 12 MAR 1840 in Gaardermoen, Norway

Alma Underdal returned to Norway in the 1980s to trace the family history from its Scandinavian roots.  It was never known exactly what she found because after her return to the U.S., she refused to disclose much.  To this day, we don't know if there was a scandalous reason the Gaarders left Norway, or if they were driven simply by a desire to emigrate.

Use the links on the left to explore each sibling's branch of the family tree, and enjoy!  (They're not all built yet, but I'm working on it...keep checking back for updates.)

-- Doug Gorder